• Preschool

iKids Preschool Your Early Childhood Learning Center.
Math. Reading. Social Studies. Arts.

Our VPK program is geared toward getting your child ready for kindergarten. It incorporates an intensive program that includes age appropriate math concept development, early reading skills, inquiry based projects, social studies concept development, all while infusing and integrating music, dramatic play and art elements.
  • We provide our VPK students multiple opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences daily.
  • We promote children’s language, literacy and content development through adult-child and child-child conversations. Literacy instruction is integrated across all content areas.
  • Whole group instruction in each of the content areas is reinforced and extended through practice in teacher-led small group activities and independent practice during learning centers.
  • Ritual and routines promote creativity, persistence and eagerness to learn.
  • The use of technology is present in the classroom with our state of the art interactive smartboard and multiple ipads available for students to use daily.